Welcome to my website!


My love of beautiful printed pages began when I could create little books with tablet paper and my Swingline Cub stapler, and it carried me through college newspaper editing and a degrees in Journalism and Graphic Design. I've happily created layouts layouts with text and photos for dozens of clients in the decades since.


My varied projects have included magazines, corporate identity packages, advertising, signage, books, direct mail and event promotion (including tickets, posters, flyers, booklets and invitations).


I used my modern magazine vibe to create a large collection of digital design elements for personal project use. These included digital backgrounds, page layouts and photo collages.

Most of my clients utilize my extensive print experience, and I prepare all print projects for web use. I have managed promotion and event campaigns using social media and other avenues.

I am an experienced copywriter, editor and proofreader. I bring this experience to my design projects, and I often write headlines, captions and polish copy for clients.

My passion for great design has always extended to home interiors; I offer interior decorating services including overall room design, paint and color selection and wall collages.

I'm always looking forward to the next design challenge! Contact me at nanscottdesign@gmail.com with your project ideas!